Courses In Jamia

There are following Courses in Jamia.
»   Primary Section : In this section, Noorani Qaida, Nazra Quran, Urdu, Deenyaat and Hindi and Arithmetic is taught with a major thrust on nurturing nobel conduct the religious quest. Talented teachers are engaged in this section.

»   Hifz and Tajweed Quran : Through this section recitation of Quran with proper intonation is taught to the learners and apart from urdu writing as many books are taught as are necessary religious knowledge and learning.

»   Persian Section : In Persian section, chosen chapter of Gulstan are taught to the students after the completion of some primary books in Persian so that the Arabic learners may at least have an acquaintance with Persian also. Along with it Deenyaat, History, English and Hindi are also the subjects for the students with special emphasis on the life of Rasool and urdu writing in the span to one year period.

»   Arabic Section: This section is based on seven years integrated course of Arabic under which right from the primary stage of Nizami syllabi to Dawra-e-Hadith standard education of all classes are imparted to the students.

»   Darul-Ifta and Dawat-wo-Tabligh : A full-fledged Darul-Ifta has been setup to cater to the needs of the problems of the Muslaims and their solution in the light of Shariat. This has benefitted thousands of people every year. Attached to it is the Dawat-wo-Tabligh section in which students and teachers participate and cooperate to possible extent.

»   Assembly of the Students : (1) To promote the elocutionary power among the students and to instill sonfidence into them, students on every Thursday after the prayer of Maghrib are asket to participate in lecture and debate for that students are provided with a full-fledged library also.

Departments Of Jamia

There are following departments in madrasah.
»   The Principal’s Office(Ehtimam): This is the central office of the Madrasah. It governs all the other departments. It implements all administrative decisions; it is responsible for the appointments of the new staff and dismissal of an old staff as well. Also the protection of the tack of the Madrasah is the responsibility of this office, at present Hazrat Alhaj Maulana Muhammad Anwar Sb (Director Of This Jamia) is the Incharge of this department..

»   Account Department : This department keeps all records of accounts. Each amount is kept under the record of this department and receipts are issued against all amounts received by the Madrasah. Signed vouchers are also made at this department against each payment and expenditure.

»   Hostel : Darul Iqamah the hostel of Darul-uloom is a three storied building comprising of 34 rooms in which students and a few teachers are accommodated. The remaining house roofed with corrugated tin sheets and thicket are somehow catering to the needs of people.

»   Mess : In the view of devotedness of the students, there is arrangement of mess for students so that the needed may get the light of knowledge of Rasool S.A.W. the number of these students is generally 750.

»   Department of Promotion and Publication : All important literature is developed under this department; later this department publishes the ready literature. By this department some small books and pamphlets are published