Jamia Islamia Darul Uloom Bahadurganj

Bahadurganj, is a very important segment of Kishanganj District. is situated at a distance of 27 kilometers of the north-western part of the district. This is in fact a thickly populated Muslim area, were due to acute financial crunch, Muslim of the area were force to live in a humiliating situation of illiteracy. There was an obsession of superstition and dogmas eating out the vitals of religion, but by the grace of Allah, scholars of Darul Uloom Deoband and Mazahir Uloom Saharanpur continuously visited the area and the persistent reforms brought by Tablighi Jamat, the essence of Islam was after all impregnated into the common mind. The result was that a large number of Madrasas came up and Sunnats were revived. But with the passage of the time, all the Madrasas of the Purnia division were taken over the govt. and they no longer remind a centre of Islamic teachings. It was apprehended that if a a strong castle of Islamic education was not setup in the area, people would once again fall into the deep dungeon of ignorance. ...    Read More >>>