Compelling Needs Of Jamia

»   Jama Masjid Zakaria : After the establishment of Darul uloom, a major project before the founder was the establishment of a mosque that students and the local residents may offer prayer without a feeling of congestion and for this a grand Mosque measuring 150X175 feet was founder on 11 Jamadissani 1401 (that is April 1981). Alhamdulillah a large area of which has been completed the construction of a roof comprising 25 thousands squares feet, beam, chajji and domes has been completed and its decoration work is continuing. At present an open quadrangle ( Sehan ). Balcony of three sides and domes of both sides are under construction. The first story has been completed and the second story is going to be finished. Its main door and both doors of south and north are under construction. Both minars of which height is 100 feet are under construction. A lot of amount is needed for plaster, window, floor and decoration etc. the work of construction is continuing. So donors are solicited to contribute generously for the completion of the same to benefit themselves by this Sadqua-e-Jariah. As the saying of Rasullulah is, “He who built a mosque for Allah, Allah builds a house for him in the heaven.”

» Construction of rooms for students & teachers                 » Construction of class rooms
» Construction of guest house                                                    » Construction of Darul Hadith
» Construction of Library                                                            » Construction of Mess (Kitchen)
» Purchasing of books                                                                  » Construction of computer lab
» Purchasing of computers                                                         » Construction of Main Gate